Gender Equality Bake Sale

Gender Equality Bake Sale

This article recounts the event of school bake sale in which three female students are selling bake goods. However, this is not an ordinary bake sale. The girls are charging the boys one dollar for the baked goods and the girls only 77 cents. The purpose of this was to illustrate the wage gap in America, for every dollar a man makes; a female employee makes only 77 cents. It is astonishing that in the year 2015, there is still that much of a gap in wage. Often times in media and social platforms there is talk of the progress, and how great strides are being made to close this gap. However, when the realities are truly examined as a society we are stagnant in our efforts. It is the feminist movement that society needs to rally behind. It needs to become clear that the foundation of feminism is gender equity, not female or male superiority. When this becomes a universal truth, then and only then cant the strides bring about effective change. It is also important to understand the difference between equality and equity, equality is treating everyone the same, where as equity is giving everyone what they need to succeed. Although both are vitally important, perhaps it’s time to focus on universal equity. Equal and fair opportunity of all individuals should be a understood truth, however, no one person is the same, and therefore it seems unreasonable homogenize the struggle ethnic groups, genders, or whomever it may be, faces.

In the news clip accompanying the article, a field reporter was sent to the school to cover the “controversial” bake sale. It was interesting to see in the video that the in studio reporter as well as the field reporter were both men. Even more specifically, what can be deduced from a short clip, they were white, powerful, cis gendered males reporting on the injustice of the male/female wage debate. Even before reading the accompanying text or watching the rest of the video the first image one sees is one of white male privilege, in a news story about the unfair wages women experience in the workplace. Further into the video it should be noted that when the reporter is looking for opinions from the school, only one female student was selected for her opinion. Even in times of gendered unrest the people leading the conversation are those who come from the most privilege. This report alone so visibly demonstrates the androcentric world we are living in, and how hegemonic masculinity still reins supreme. It is time for those experiencing the struggle, whatever it may be, to lead the conversation. No one understands what those who are oppressed are going through quite like the oppressed. So why are we seeking advice about how to liberate us from these oppressive forces from those perpetuating the very problem we are trying to solve.

The fact that this demonstration was even considered “controversial” is a problem all in itself. Why should it be surprising that women and girls are upset about being viewed as less than, in the eyes of corporation? Where is the controversy, that women can actually think for themselves and are finally finding the mediums to do so? It is time to shatter the glass ceiling that so many successful women are subject to reaching day in and day out. The question is how do you altars ways of thinking that have been embedded in society for years. The answer in my opinion is to start at the beginning. As discussed in lecture, at such a young age girls and boys are socialized at such a young age to believe certain things about themselves. Boys are the strong providers and girls and the weak vulnerable caretakers who need saving. This is where it needs to end and we need to start teaching. Illustrating to young girls and boys that the previous binary ways of thinking are so outrageous. So outrageous, that they wouldn’t even think that something such as unequal pay would be something that could even exist in the world they live in. Starting the conversation is important, and I do feel we are making progress in getting the conversation out there. Talk can generate change, however, in order to see full restitution requires meaningful action. We can talk all we want but until we take the necessary steps to change what is unjust and unfair, all will stay the same as it always has been.

Carlisle, Randall. ‘Gender Equality Bake Sale Causes Stir At Utah High School’. Good4Utah. N.p., 2015. Web. 10 Apr. 2015. 


4 thoughts on “Gender Equality Bake Sale

  1. I too wrote about this article because I found it to be thought provoking and inspiring for such young people to take a stance on women’s rights. I like you talked about the difference between equality and equity because that gives a unique stance on societal issues. I agree that not every person is the same, so what are some ways to give an equal playing field? Do you think we currently have an equal playing field? I also agree that finding this bake sale to be controversial is a step back and that people should accept that the pay gap is a serious issue world wide which needs to be addressed and changed.


  2. Your analysis of the issues surrounding the bake sale where insightful. You set the tone of your opinion well when you defined equality versus equity. It is one thing to treat everyone as equals. However, providing one with the necessary tools to become successful is the key to a level playing field. Your analysis of the irony behind the reporters being white, privileged males sparked my interest. It is so often true that the voice of women or other oppressed groups are covered by those who already have an advantage. The report about the “controversy” of the bake sale may have been completed more effectively if they had adhered to what the bake sale was promoting.


  3. I completely agree with your belief that it’s mind-blowing that women still make less than men in the workplace because at this point it should be equal. I also really like how you focused more on gender equity than gender equality because women cannot succeed without the necessary tools and resources to do so as well as the support and belief that they can. If everyone is being treated the same, how can everyone succeed when they may need more help or attention on one specific thing that is holding them back from achieving their goals? It shocked me that people found this bake sale controversial because it happens to be showing the truth about gender inequality in contemporary society. Either people don’t want to face the truth or they don’t want other people to make the truth about gender inequality apparent.


  4. You emphasized very well the woman’s position in the workplace and inequality that reflects in the level of payment for men and women for the same type of job. I agree with your statement that a foundation of feminism is gender equity. Starting the conversation on gender inequality is the first step in making changes as you have concluded at the end of your essay and this conversation should be an open dialogue on this topic.


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